Kim_FreheKim Frehe loves speaking and solving complex problems.  She has spent her career working closely with stakeholders and end users to develop solutions to support complex global business processes.   She is very passionate about Microsoft technologies and prides herself on solving problems with the end users’ perspectives in mind.

She started her career at Accenture, first as an Executive Assistant, then a Facilities Analyst who was a frustrated end user that had a lot of manual processes and no tools to support them.  She discovered she had a knack for understanding processes and helping users map them out.  She began developing Lotus Notes databases to help support internal business processes early in her career.  She became known for her thirst for knowledge and for helping others solve their issues and moved to a technical role to create global meeting and event tools for the organization.

When Accenture changed from Lotus Notes to Microsoft’s Team Services v1 in 2001, Kim quickly became an expert in how to do more with the tool than you could see on the surface.  Her real love affair with SharePoint began in 2007 when Microsoft introduced SharePoint Designer Workflows.  She was able to develop a global Meeting & Event Management system to replace a vendor product that was not meeting their needs, using all out of the box, no-code solutions!  She also created solutions for several other internal teams, such as Facilities & Services, Global Travel, Archives & Records Management and Corporate Housing, to name a few.

She moved from supporting internal Accenture customers for 13 years to public-facing consulting at Rightpoint Consulting in 2011.  She instantly connected with her customers due to her deep understanding of end users and her ability to translate their requirements into business solutions.  Being at a smaller company allowed her to play many roles and explore her strengths and weaknesses.  She found that because of her unique perspective on end users and developers, she was fantastic at breaking stuff and found her other super power, testing, and excelled at being a Quality Assurance Lead.

Kim joined Avanade in August 2015 and loves the challenges and opportunities of working with larger organizations.  Throughout her career, she has excelled in every role throughout the development lifecycle, including Project Manager, Business Analyst, Information Architect, Migration Lead, Change Management Lead, No-Code Solution Developer, QA Lead, Tester and Trainer.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Working with the business to solve critical business problems
  • Developing no-code, native creative solutions
  • Workflows
  • Corporate Taxonomy, including content types and Managed Metadata
  • Search Configuration
  • Content Management Lifecycle
  • Corporate Intranets

Preferred Tools:

  • SharePoint 2013
  • SharePoint Online
  • InfoPath
  • SharePoint Designer
  • TFS
  • Microsoft Test Manager