Q:  Why are you posting previously posted articles here labeled “Archive: …”

A: I have the memory of a gnat. I write stuff down that I figured out in the past so that I don’t forget it.  Places I’ve posted in the past, like nothingbutsharepoint.com are no longer supported and I want to retain that knowledge, so I’m re-posting it here so that I don’t forget it, I can find it, and so that I can refer others to it.

Q:  Why do you love SharePoint?

A: I love SharePoint because it gives a non-technical person a way to do some really powerful things without being a developer or knowing code.  I love to solve problems and SharePoint is a great toolbox.

Q: Why do you speak at so many SharePoint Saturdays?

A: My husband asks me this all the time!  When I started out, I had a lot of things to do and very few resources to do them.  I had to learn on my own and I made a LOT of mistakes along the way (yes, I have brought down entire farms with looping workflows in 2007 and I do believe I’m one of the driving factors on the ability to remove end user access to SharePoint Designer in 2010 🙂 )

By sharing my experiences at these events, I hope to help others that were like me.

Q: What is “SharePoint Saturday?

A: It is just the most awesome series of events that selfless, wonderful organizers and volunteers put in hundreds of hours of work to put on a local community event to help people learn more about SharePoint.  Speakers are not paid to be there, we do it because we love the community.  It’s a great opportunity to meet other community members and experts, and to learn about all the wonderful solutions that sponsors have to offer to help users get the most out of this powerful tool and to do it easier than if you had to do it all by yourself.

Q: That sounds cool!  Where can I attend one of these awesome events?

A: Visit the SharePoint Saturday site to find out when/where the next events will be and sign up: http://www.spsevents.org/